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Flotation Device

Versatile Flotation Device For Everyone


Nekdoodle® is a fantastic and new water fitness swim aid. Cushion your neck while swimming, rehabbing, and working out in water with a patented floatation device from our company in Stockton, California.

Perfect for swimmers worldwide, the Nekdoodle® water cushion supports the head and neck for use in water fitness, recreation, relaxation, and aquatic therapy. Its multifunctional appeal as an aerobic kickboard, a floatation device, and a seat cushion makes it popular with all ages.

  • Manufactured from Poly Vinyl-Coated Foam
  • Easy to Clean
  • UV-Protected
  • Salt- & Chlorine-Resistant
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes in Bright Red, Yellow, or Blue
  • Permanently Buoyant

Who Needs the Nekdoodle®?

  • Professionals in the Aquatic Therapy & Water Fitness Industries
  • U.S. Swim School Instructors & Students
  • Pool & Spa Owners
  • Recreational Swimmers
  • Boating Enthusiasts
  • People at Resorts
  • People on Cruises
  • Ocean Enthusiasts & Beachgoers
  • Military Therapists Rehabilitating Wounded Warriors
  • Sporting Goods Store Owners
  • Hospital Patients


Although this floatation device is great for maximum comfort during exercising or relaxing in the water, you should not use it as a lifesaving device. We also suggest that children be supervised while they use the Nekdoodle®.

Buy the Nekdoodle® now by calling us at 855-406-8254.